This time around for Insane Saturday I thought I’d share an excerpt from my in-the-works project “Asylum’s Ghost”. Enjoy!



Climbing into the carriage with his grip in hand, Vincent settled in for the ride. His luggage was stowed behind him and before long the driver was up in his box, there was the crack of a whip and the box lurched forward with a groan and the squeak of springs as the horses started forward. After navigating some of the more crowded boulevards of the city at a cautious pace, they picked up speed as they moved toward the outskirts.

Soon the landscape was speeding by and he was introduced to the Michigan countryside wrapped in the brilliant colors of fall. A Londoner, he wasn’t accustomed to such a view and though he’d spent the last four years making a name for himself as a psychiatrist in a prominent New York mental institution, he still managed to be distracted by the beauty autumn wrought on the world. However, his mind wasn’t on the multihued scenery. It was on the beast that materialized from the morning mist ever larger as he drew near.

The Kirkbride was indeed larger than he’d ever dreamed. As the carriage passed its front gates, he leaned out to peer down the long road to its central building. The rest of the sprawling edifice was blocked from view by the trees lining the lane. Shadowed to either side by maples in blazing reds and oranges made mute and dreary by the day, it seemed a sad and lonely place. A place of restless souls and wandering spirits whose bodies shackled them to the constraints of the world.

He could feel its eyes on him, its gaze of glass staring down.


~ Excerpt from in-the-works project “Asylum’s Ghost – copyright AJ Culpepper


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