This time around for Wicked Wednesday, I’m sharing an excerpt from “Sea of Sands” featuring the sado-masochistic, cannibalistic Yupanqui. Enjoy 😀


The abaxus net came out of nowhere, catching the faerie and pulling her straight to the ground with its weight, while a half dozen Yupanqui slavers emerged from the ruined trees and scorched remains of a nearby farmhouse.  Brandishing viciously serrated weapons of iron dripping death magick in ashy arcs with every movement, they charged with the coordinated precision of a pack of wolves.

Turning to the nearest, Axel let his greataxe fly.  Spinning end over end, it caught the Yupanqui in the middle of his helmeted head, splitting the opaque visor and the face beneath in two.  Putting his hand out to the side, the weapon reappeared in his hand even as the slaver slammed to the ground and he turned to block the descending sword of the next with the haft.

Moving in a constant circle, Sayf spun about like a whirling dervish of blades.  They screamed against iron armor and sank deep wherever they managed to catch exposed flesh.  One Yupanqui sought an opening while the Al’Aqran blocked the swords of two of his companions.  While he managed to cleave one arm at the elbow and weaken him considerably with the taint of the death magick coating his sword, he failed to sense the approach of the minotaur behind until the spiked maul caught him in the side and sent him flying nearly across the river.

No one noticed the splash of his landing.

Fighting the weakness and paralyzing cold seeping up from his severed limb, Sayf stumbled back as Belvedere stormed in front of him, brandishing his weapon with skilled swings that sent Yupanqui flying in every direction.
Thanks to the magick-hindering abaxus woven into the treads, Tinalia could only watch in growing frustration from where the net held her pinned to the ground.

Unable to fight as fast or as well with the death magick spreading into his torso, Sayf stumbled in her direction.  Taking hold of the net, he was just about to yank it free when the high-pitched scream of a bull pierced the din.  At the same moment Tinalia, who’d been staring past him, cried out.


~ Excerpt from “Sea of Sands” Book Two of the Tome Series copyright AJ Culpepper 2013
~ Image courtesy of  Artist unknown



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