This Throwdown Thursday I thought I’d talk a bit about my favorite warrior from the Tome Series, Lassa!


Lassa is of medium height with a lithe, agile build. She has long brown hair which she wears with random braids woven with red ribbon amid the loose tresses. She favors leather armor stained red and engraved with images of flames, wears bladed leather bracers, and carries twin longswords strapped across her back.

Lassa is one of the Tuatha De Talamh, or EarthFolk, a race which hails from the mountainous realm of TuaisceartTalamh. Coming from such a homeland, she’s a naturally skilled climber with a total lack of fear when it comes to incredible heights and precarious perches.

Like others of her race, she is possessed of a kind and accepting heart and tends to judge others by their actions towards her and the defenseless. She is extremely loyal to her friends.

Also like others of her race, Lassa is borne of an Element. This means she shares a particular kinship with her Element and can wield it in various forms and degrees at will. An EarthFolk’s Element also affects their nature. Lassa is a fireborne and as a result, tends to have a fiery temper, a willful attitude particularly in combat, an ingrained fear of deep water, and isn’t all that fond of getting wet.

A boon of Lassa’s race is bloodlust. Inherent to EarthFolk, it grants a temporary increase to speed, agility, and strength at the expense of stamina. While in the throes of bloodlust, a red glow appears in the back of her eyes.

Lassa is an elementalblade, an EarthFolk warrior. She is extremely talented in dual wielding her longswords in conjunction with her Fire Element.

Lassa is first met in “Sea of Sands”, Book 2 of the Tome Series.


~ Character creation and concept copyright AJ Culpepper 2013
~ Image courtesy of



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