With “Rahasya” Book 3 of the Tome Series looming somewhere around later this year, I thought it’d be fun to post the magickal scene in “Zikhin” (Book 1) in which the wizard, Zorastres, unlocks the Tome of the First Gate. Enjoy!


Zorastres watched the coin spin end over end through the air with each flick of his wrist, the pentalpha carved deep into its surface alternating between upright and inverted.  Suddenly he caught the disk in his palm, landing with its markings right side up and his gaze went to the book Amias wanted opened, floating above the table undisturbed, unmarred by the disaster it wrought on the room around it.

“What if we’ve been going about this all wrong?”

What do you mean?

“We’ve been going under the premise that it was the book’s authors that locked it in an effort to preserve it through the ages.  But what if…what if it was someone else who locked it.  In an effort to prevent the authors from opening it?”

Standing, Zorastres held the coin out to the tome.

Nothing happened.

He took a step closer.

Still nothing.

He inched his way across the room at a nerve-racking slow pace.

No reaction of any kind.  No vibration rumbling through the floor.  No burst of energy outward.

Finally, he dared to place the disk directly on the book’s cover and when he didn’t get thrown across the room, he let out the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding.

“That’s it,” he grinned.  “The book was locked by white magick.  Not black.”

Glancing at the coin, Zorastres looked back at the book curiously.  The strange script covering the bands that fastened it pulsated weakly with a dull light.

That was when it hit him.

“The Elements.”

What about them?  Gabaxida hissed, slithering through the rubble to the wizard’s side.

“The pentalpha is an amulet the ‘Seandas used for protection and banishing evil.  That’s why when upright, the script on the book’s fastenings don’t flare.  The book was locked by the ‘Seandas.”

So now you know who locked it.  How does that help you unlock it?

“The ‘Seandas are embodiments of the four Elements, Gabby – Air, Earth, Fire and Water, creating four separate races within the race itself.  The Elements weren’t the source of their power, like it is for their EarthFolk descendants.  It is their power.  They would’ve used the Elements to lock the tome.  All I have to do is find the right Element or combination of Elements to open it!”

What do you plan to do?  Throw it in a fire, douse it with water and bury the ashes in the earth?  It’s already floating in air.

“You know, that’s not a bad idea.”

I’m not sure something so drastic is wise…

Zorastres wasn’t really listening.  He grinned widely, his hands shaking with anticipation as he tried to figure out the best way to proceed.  The fact that Elemental magick was the forte of witches and an innate ability of one type or another among the Tuatha Dé Talamh and something he was thoroughly unfamiliar with failed to even occur to him.

How much danger could there be in dealing with the building blocks of the Material Realm?


~ Excerpt from “Zikhin” Book 1 of the Tome Series copyright AJ Culpepper

~ Image courtesy of pinterest.com


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