This Throwdown Thursday, I thought I’d share a scene from “The Seers’ War Part One – The Weaving of the Web” freaturing the Bruid Defender, Josse. Enjoy!


Walking up behind the guards, Josse stood with one gauntleted hand resting on the stabbing dagger on his belt. “Open the cell.”

Startled, both men spun around, one of them fighting to put his hardening erection away.

“Oh, it’s just you,” the other sneered. “Look, you can have your crack at her when we’re done. Alright?”

He started to turn back to the prison cell when a hand clamped onto his shoulder, the abrupt, immobile hold jerking him to a stop.

“I only asked out of courtesy.” Josse grabbed for the ring of keys with his free hand but instead of tearing them free, he yanked his other arm down, driving the guard to the floor with such force he heard the man’s tailbone break. Torn free, the key ring, a good portion of the man’s pants and a chunk of flesh dangled in his grasp. “And I only ask once.”

“What do you think you’re doing?” While his companion screamed and writhed on the floor in agony, the first guard started forward, his hand on the hilt of his sword. “You’re not Defender of the Seer anymore, you Bruid bastard!”

Josse calmly turned to him, his gaze dropping to the young man’s grip on his sword.

“Don’t draw that sword, boy.”

“You’re just a common soldier now! You can’t go around doing what you want to the king’s men! And you can’t tell me what to do!”

The guard drew his sword.

It was less than halfway out of its sheath when Josse caught his wrist and snapped his arm around with enough force to tear it from the socket. The guard dropped to his knees with a scream of pain, his arm hanging useless at his side.

Both men were still squealing like pigs going to slaughter when Josse turned to the original reason for his visit to the dungeons. Having long since looked up, Morgan was standing in the middle of the cell visibly shaking with fear. Following the line of her gaze to the gore still in his gauntleted fist, he opened his hand. The fabric drifted to the floor and the chunk of flesh hit the stone with a sickening plop. The keys were bent entirely out of shape.

“I guess you won’t be having your turn at all.”

Letting the keys drop from his hand, his scarred cheek twitched with the hint of a smirk as he walked to the barred door. Taking the lock in one hand, he struck the top of his fist with the other and easily popped it from its holdings. Startled, the girl took a step back clutching her skirts with bloody hands as he bowed to get through the door.


~ Excerpt from “The Seers’ War Part One – The Weaving of the Web” copyright AJ Culpepper 2014
~ Image courtesy of  Artist Unknown


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