This Wicked Wednesday I thought I’d share a wicked scene from “The Seers’ War Part One – The Weaving of the Web”. Enjoy!

In the silence of the marshes, the Bruid mercenaries bullied their way through the reeds, clearing the way for the Arswyd pikemen and the mounted knights to follow. In full armor, surrounded by his White Knights, Uthyr rode near the back, giving commands and waiting for the right time to lead the charge. Brynmor, faithful, mentoring Brynmor, as always by his side.

It wasn’t long before the small villages came into view. Most of them hamlets built around fishing, others only slightly larger functioned as trade-posts. The Bruid mercenaries descended without mercy, slaying all in their path. Led by Arzhel The Slaughterer, they butchered every dark-haired Rheyfelwr they caught. Homes were set alight and amid the smoke, chaos and confusion, they set about raiding the stores and raping the women before putting them both to the torch.

Coming up in their wake behind his pikemen and knights, Uthyr looked around in disgust with a twinge of remorse at the sight of the small bodies among the adults.

“Perhaps it was unwise to give the Bruid mongrels free reign.”

“This is war, my lord,” Brynmor commiserated. “The enemy must not only die, but be broken and broken completely. Think of all the pain you have suffered while these people have lived well, in peace and happiness, in loving embraces. They have no right, when you have endured so much.”

Racing across the fenland, the bannermen of the Marsh Lords led their men to meet those marching under Arswyd’s flag. Drawing his sword, Uthyr held it high and called forth the courage of his men. Signaling the charge, he led them into the heart of battle. Banners flew high marking the Houses on both sides, showing where allegiances and loyalties lie. Screams pierced the air as mortal blood poured across the ground.

The Bruid mercenaries, some well-paid by the Royal Seer of Arswyd, some sworn liegemen to House Haul or Brynmor himself, were relentless and brutal. Storming their way through the very thick of the fighting, they destroyed bodies with as much ease as the smaller built Rheyfelwr might have destroyed an anthill. Following in behind, the knights on horseback circumvented their foot soldiers locked in combat with those loyal to the Marsh Lords and Diemwnt and made for the enemy knights in their shining black armor.

~ Excerpt from “The Seers’ War Part One – The Weaving of the Web” copyright AJ Culpepper 2014
~ Image courtesy of


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