This Wicked Wednesday I thought I’d share an excerpt from “Sea of Sands”, Book Two of the Tome Series, featuring the corrupted shadowmancer, YadaLezviya. Enjoy!


The daylight suddenly grew hollow.  The radiance of the sun faded though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  It grew colder, the air strangely slimy.  Then they were enveloped in a ring of darkness.

Everyone put their backs together, drawing swords and spears.  Pulling Lassa around behind him, Zorastres drew his xiphos just as YadaLezviya formed from the swirling shadows.  A skeleton of pale flesh stretched over bone, insanity dancing in her daemonic red eyes, she pointed a bony finger at the group.

“I will deal with you later, Zorassstresss Idola.  For now, I want her.”

Glancing over his shoulder, he found Lassa with one of her swords in her free hand, her other still holding tight to his as she met the corrupted shadowmancer’s gaze.  Flames leapt down the length of her blade as the water around them froze solid and writhing thorny vines raced about them.

“Still a little burned, are we?”

Holding his sword awkwardly before him, Zorastres swallowed hard.  Giving Lassa’s hand a small squeeze before letting go, he stepped over the ring of ice and thorny vines.

“Amias sent you to kill me, Lassa and the others have nothing to do with this.”

“You are a pathetic and easy target, Zorasssstressss Idola.  I will deal with you in good time.  In the meanwhile, sssstay out of my way!”  the abyssal shadows in YadaLezviya’s hollowing form shrieked in unison.


At Bevan’s shout, he turned to find the elementalblade motioning to the water about his knees and looked down.  The abyssal shadows pouring from the corrupted shadowmancer’s thinned skin in ever-increasing numbers filled the entire strait, thickening the water with their cool, slimy texture. Though they kept clear of the ring of elements surrounding the EarthFolk, they swarmed eagerly about him keeping only a fraction of the distance from his legs.

Zorastres jumped in fright, but really there was no place to go, nowhere to turn without submerging himself in the corrupted shadows.  He could only watch as YadaLezviya glided over the water’s surface like a wraith of bone and shadow, the burns on her flesh all the more gory in the diluted daylight.

“Lasssssa the FireBorne, you will be dead before the day issss done!”

The Tuatha Dé Talamh woman stared at her, obviously unimpressed as she drew her other sword and flames rolled down its length.  “Lady, I beat you once.  I can do it again.”

“Not thissss time!  Thissss time you are without your witch’ssss aid!”

The daemonic red glow of her vacant eyes flashing with insanity and unmitigated wroth, the shadowmancer rushed for her.  Tendrils of darkness leapt from her claw-like fingertips as she broke through the elemental barrier.  The instant the two opposing magic’s met, power exploded outward.  The earthbornes were thrown to one side, the waterborne to the other and between, YadaLezviya reached for Lassa.

~ Excerpt from “Sea of Sands” Book Two of the Tome Series, copyright AJ Culpepper 2013
~ Image courtesy of Artist unknown


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