As promised, dear readers, another sneak-peek into “Rahasya” Book 3 of the Tome Series! This time featuring Amias, Drakon, and Tern. Enjoy!


“I knew Gadyuka hadn’t lied to me” Drakon remarked, his focus on his reflection in the window glass shifting to the reflection of the figure standing behind him. “Pureblooded Tien like him can’t lie, but that only breeds an incredible adeptness for manipulating the truth into our race. I’ve spent the better part of the last two months trying to figure out the truth within the truth of his words.”

Her shadow-infused armor hardening wherever light touched it, Tern stood at attention with her scythe in hand, the curving blade resting by her feet. The cobalt blue irises of her eyes glowed against the solid black of their sclera as she focused on some distant point in the air before her.

Once the white witch, Uaine, she no longer possessed the memories, the spirit, or sense of self of who she had been. Her body destroyed in her fight with the black witch, Marcelyn, and the subsequent destruction of Castle Mayur, she’d been at death’s door when Drakon ripped her unborn child from her. He’d saved her life by merging his shadows with her, fusing them together.

Amias knew that Drakon had tortured Uaine as much because he commanded it as a means of controlling the bandit Scorpio as because she captivated the shadowmancer’s interest. No matter what he did to her, she would not scream. Even when he raped her from within her own body, she never gave him what he wanted and in deny him that, she had somehow affected him as no other being had in the three thousand years of his existence. The fact that he’d been capable of rape at all was proof of that. Lust, like any emotion, had always been beyond Drakon the Soulless.

For all that he had done to her since then, imprisoning her soul within her own body, within a new consciousness, a new spirit wrought by his shadows and his conditioning of her, turning her into the shadow guard Tern, Uaine had tainted him.

Amias considered getting rid of her in order to return Drakon to his former emotion-devoid ruthlessness. He stayed his hand, however, deciding greater power resided in using the bitch against him. After all, it was Drakon’s shadow-merging practice that had given him the idea of creating the Instrument of his Punishment. It would be a shame to waste any further use he might derive from her existence.


~ Excerpt from “Rahasya” Book 3 of the Tome Series due out October 31, 2016 copyright 2016
~ Image courtesy of Artist unknown


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