For Insane Saturday’s sneak peek into “Rahasya” Book 3 of the Tome Series, we have a scene featuring the maniac, Emerald! WARNING! CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT! MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR SOME READERS! Still, enjoy! 🙂

“You don’t get it. I might have let you live a little while longer had you done a good enough job. But you’re boring and only concerned about your carnal needs.” Lifting her face to the nighttime sky, she wiped her bloody hand over her face with a lusty groan. “I’ll just kill you. You’ll be much more entertaining that way.”

She brought the sword down across the captain’s neck, the severed arteries gushing warm blood over her. The sensation of it running down her legs to pool about her feet was intoxicating.

“There now. Things are already getting more interesting” she cooed, sliding her free hand down to her private flesh. “Gods! The feel of your blood…” The sword slashed up along his torso spilling his entrails over the street. “Even better…”

Falling to her knees, Emerald dropped the weapon and caressed her breasts as she pleasured herself in front of his lifeless eyes.

“This was what you wanted, wasn’t it?” Leaning back, she exposed herself fully to the corpse. “Only you had no idea what to do with it.”

Thinking about Malinovyy, she brought herself to the point of ecstasy over and over again, writhing around in the gore until it was cool and no longer arousing. Thunder rolled overhead and a steady rain began to fall. It washed the blood away and Emerald with it.


~ Excerpt from “Rahasya” Book 3 of the Tome Series due out 10/31/16, copyright 2016
~ Image courtesy of Photographer and model unknown


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