For Serenity Sunday’s sneak peek into “Rahasya” Book 3 of the Tome Series, Zorastres Meets the Queen of the Gods! Enjoy!


Sheathing his xiphos, Zorastres looked up, then slowly lifted his head, mouth agape as his dark eyes followed the gilding and elaborate carving. The throne before them was so big that it towered above the top of the Triple Bronze Wall from the seat up, as did the woman seated upon it. Yet somehow for as impossibly huge as their dimensions, they not only fit in the tiny clearing but were entirely perceptible.

“Wow.” Lassa came up beside him, equally impressed. “Who is she?”

The enthroned woman was beyond beautiful. Majestic and solemn, her dark hair fell in neat, tumbling curls from the jeweled pins that held it up and back from her face. Wearing a long royal blue dress of Shamiran style and crowned with a polos, the high cylindrical crown worn by the Great Goddesses, she gazed down at the Mortals staring up at her with dark brown eyes that had peacock feathers for pupils.

Zorastres fell to his knees, his face lifted to her with his hands held out with the palms up in supplication. “Hera, the Queen of the Heavens.”

Lassa looked at him. “What are you so panicked for?”

“She tends to hold a grudge against mortals who cross her.” Zorastres wished he could make the EarthFolk understand the trouble they were in. He also wished he could hide under the island. “A man named Paris earned her hatred by choosing Aphrodite as the most beautiful Goddess. A whole war started because of that choice, by the way. See, there was this wedding-”


Hera’s voice boomed over Hesperia and they snapped their mouths shut like children caught speaking out of turn. Her gaze slid from Lassa and Zorastres shrank into his mismatched armor as those peacock feather pupils came to rest on him.

“Zorastres Idola, you owe me an explanation. Why are you and your companion trespassing in my garden?”

“W-well, you see…it’s like this…uh…”

“We came to seek your wisdom, Divine One.”

Hera’s attention turned back to Lassa. “Is that so? You are a child of the Tuatha De Talamh, a follower of the Tuatha De Danann, yet you seek me. Why? In the company of this…fool, no less.”

“I am sworn to protect him, that’s why.”

“You’re daring to speak to me like that.”

“I mean no disrespect, Divine One.” Kneeling, Lassa looked up at the Goddess. “We’ve come a long way to learn how the Seven Doorways of the Abyss may be re-sealed” she went on, ignoring Zorastres’ silent pleas for her to stop talking while she still had a voice, mouth, and head. “The Pythia sent us here saying this is where we would find our answer.”

“Do you think closing a portal to a world is as easy as closing a door to a house?”

“No, Divine One. That’s why we’re here. We want to repair the damage done to the Golden Veil Between Worlds and close the doors that have been opened.”

“Thereby stripping the fool trying to open them of the Vices he’s obtained, weakening him back to a more manageable level.”

“That’s our plan.”

“But not necessarily your Destiny.”

~ Excerpt from “Rahasya” Book 3 of the Tome Series due for release 10/31/16, copyright 2016

~ Image courtesy of Photographer and model unknown



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