In the world of Kore, grey witchcraft is a distinctive type of witchcraft along with black, white, green, and hedge. It first prominently apears in the novel I’m presently working on – “The Fight Slave’s Prize”. In the book, one of the main characters, the EarthFolk Ghost, is a grey witch.


What is Grey Witchcraft?
A gray witch, or neutral witch, is a practitioner of magic that does not harm nor benefit others. Gray magic witches will mostly benefit and harm at the same time, creating a neutral or balanced effect. They believe a witch who cannot curse, cannot heal and that nature is not completely positive, nor completely negative, it is neutral and balanced.

Gray witchcraft is the practice of worship and magic which recognizes the importance of all polarities as legitimate and necessary without deception of the masses, the self, or the use of informational resources. Gray witches practice balance and harmony, and they deny the concept that such things can occur without recognition of total and true polarity.


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~ Image courtesy of Credits Lady Hekate 2012


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