Comment who YOU would like to learn the most about from “Rahasya” Book 3 of the Tome Series (due out 10/31/16)!

Aki – The Yoake Junin miko who hides a dark secret.
Amias Teagan – The tsentr possessed of three of the Seven Vices and bent on world domination.

Arjun – The Paanthan soul-forger and warrior monk with a haunted past in Zikhin.

Darja – The alpha of a Vucari pack of slaves in Rahasya desperate to secure both freedom and safety for her pack.

Izumrud – The masterless Tien shadow guard driven to split personalities by the horrors of her past.

Jaroslav – The rebellious Vucari slave seeking to win freedom for his new pack.

Malinovyy – Izumrud’s lover, no less insane but far more cunning and manipulative who has his own agenda in Rahasya.

Medved – The half-Tien shadow guard nicknamed ‘The Wall’ who has a surprising future in store.

Neala – The star-blessed tsentr who must master her powers if she’s to survive among the Tien much less do anything to save the world from sliding into Abyssal chaos.

Radomir – Darja’s beta who is an enthusiastic fight slave and willing to do anything to protect those important to him.

Riya Mayur – The Paanthan enchantress and soul-wielder seeking to stop Amias at all costs.

Scorpio – The bandit king of Acacia who seeks vengeance on Amias and his cohorts.

Zorastres – The wizard seeking to make amends and finds a future he never imagined awaiting him on his journey.



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