Hey guys! Something a little different this Tidbit Tuesday. With so many things going on in life and being hard at work on “Ice Phoenix”, I haven’t really had a chance to sit down in front of the camera to chat. So, I thought I’d knock off this little note to say “Hi!” and give you a bit of an update on the goings on of World of Kore Books. As already mentioned, I’ve been working on “Ice Phoenix” and it actually looks like it might get finished by the end of this year! Is this a confirmation that you can look forward to a new World of Kore book Winter 2017? No. At least, not yet. I’ll get back to you around mid-summer.

In other news, it looks like it’s going to be a banner year for getting out and about for book signings with regard to “Rahasya”‘s release last autumn. Exciting, yes? So! If you have a World of Kore Book you’d like signed, dig it out and keep your eyes peeled for dates and locations in the coming months.

Also, I’ve been thinking about digging a bit into doing a cosplay photo shoot of a character from one of my novels. Have I decided to? Or who? No, on both counts. However, it’s something I think might be fun so there is a very good possibility I will give it a try sometime this year. Stay tuned for further updates. Honestly, even if I totally bomb, it should be lots of fun!

See you guys next week!




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