Basic Statistics
Name: Lutvyk T’Shar

Age: 432 (looks 30)

Nationality: Icwyn Native, Draycyn Empire

Hometown: Ryme

Current Residence: Blyzzard Holde

Occupation: Captain of the Fortress Guard

Talents/Skills: Good swordsman, excellent archer, has learned the human hand crossbow

Siblings: One older brother, Kylrk – synator for the Ryme Region. They don’t get along particularly well. Lutvyk is more disciplined and caring whereas Kylrk is frivolous, self-centered, and arrogant.

Personality: an effective leader and a good captain to his men, fair but strict – simply put, don’t piss him off with stupid stuff.
He is hard-working, efficient, bureaucratic, and usually serious.
He has a fondness for good beer and hot food (mostly because Icwyn is a realm of perpetual ice and food doesn’t stay hot for long)

Relationship skills: He has little experience with relationships because he is always so focused on his work but is always polite and respectful, if occasionally coming across as harsh.

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 6’2″

Race: Draycyn

Eye Color: light blue with the vertical pupils inherent to Draycyns

Hair Color: blonde, worn combed back

Skin color: pale white

Clothing: Usually in the Icwyn Command uniform, grey with black piping, captain insignia
(dragon wing on the collar of his jacket, black per his command), leather knee-high boots
Casually, black sleeveless t-shirt, slacks, boots.




Artwork courtesy of fanpop



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