A recently written piece from my current in-the-works novel – “Ice Phoenix”.
You’re pensive this morning Jayce rumbled in Rysyn’s thoughts, drawing him from his memory. Sleepless night? Or nightmares?

“Sleep proved more or less elusive” Rysyn conceded. Taking a sip of tea, he grimaced. “You were quiet last night yourself.”

You didn’t need me, Ice Feather. Neither my guidance nor my wisdom. What happened last night from the moment of the attempted assassination to the moment the traitor was locked up in the military prion was entirely between you and the Imperial Princess and you know it.

Rysyn did. He just didn’t want it pointed out to him. He watched a handful of ryderless dragons soar by and absently took another sip of tea, choking it down.

She was testing you…mercilessly, it seemed. Yet you are unbothered by it.

“A man learns who he can trust by actions over time. Words and contracts should never be taken at face value. Her Imperial Highness knows this as well. The difference is she has less time to sort True from False and given recent events must force the hands of those around her. It isn’t my place to question or to be offended by her choice of methods.”


~ Copyright AJ Culpepper 2017




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