An excerpt from my in-the-works novel – “Ice Phoenix”.


Kelyd woke to nightfall on the mountains’ southern facing, rain pouring down on the bodies of countless Draycyns and their dragons. He crawled through the blood and viscera of his slain comrades until he came to the prone body of a Kyndyl ryder. Half the young man’s torso was blown away, his copper-skin charred and stained by gun smoke. He lifted his head, though his black eyes seemed blind.

“Kelyd, run.”

“Run?” Kelyd grasped his hand, though he barely had the strength to wrap his fingers around. “I’m not leaving you behind, Zosha! We can make it out of here. We can make it back into Kyndyl!”

“Kelyd, listen to me.” Zosha struggled for breath and a fresh wave of blood surged from his missing side. “There are rumors in Kyndyl of a human fortress where prisoners are taken and experiments are performed on them. So long as you live, you are in vital danger here. They will come for you.” He shoved his friend away. “If you get captured, I swear I’ll haunt you to the rest of your days! And if you die, I’ll never forgive you!”

A smile curled the ryder’s lips and he was gone.


~ Copyright AJ Culpepper 2017



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