A recently written scene from my in-the-works novel “Ice Phoenix”. Enjoy!


“Loy has his hands full, M’Areh” Yazry remarked, his bland, liquid tones pitched just shy of seduction. He turned his face to the other end of the broadwalk where his brother was single-handedly holding off Chancellor L’Sar and a contingent of nearly a dozen Yellow Guard. “It would be so much easier if you would just turn him loose.” He turned back to the princess, lifting his eyes to hers. “And us with him, M’Areh” he added, lowering his head.

The ground in front of Loy was littered with Yellow Guards either unconscious or otherwise incapacitated. Rysyn noted The Nine were noticeably absent.

“As much as I would love to, Yazry, I can’t do that.” Jaywyn started across the broadwalk and the Black Dragon rose to join Kayda at her back, leaving her righthand open for the major general and his begleiter. “Not yet.”

Once more falling in with her, Rysyn looked at the princess in surprise at the cold darkness of her tone. Although her eyes remained on L’Sar giving orders for the Yellow Guard to advance on Loy, she smiled in acknowledgement of his attention and perhaps his alarm. The Empress of Draycy could not take a life. To do so would corrode the very foundation of the Empire. Jaywyn undoubtedly knew this but it was potently obvious that she was more than willing to give the order to her Black Dragons if she felt the cause worthy.

“Do you dance, Major General Kree?”

“Hm?” The question came out of nowhere, but he answered it just the same. “No, Your Highness. At least not very well.”

“Really. I was unaware that the Sytadel was so focused on grooming ryders for the Imperial Fleet that culture, the arts, religion, faith, and a little bit of recreation, were flung by the wayside.”

His words taken out of context, Rysyn attempted to clarify. “That’s not what I meant, Your Highness. I just meant that I personally never took much interest-”

Ayyn developed a suspicious cough behind him and it occurred to him that Jaywyn might have been teasing him. It was confirmed when he caught the twitch of her cheek as she fought to keep from smiling.

By the Yellow Long, she’s got a wicked sense of humor.

You’re just not used to being teased, Ice Feather Jayce remarked in his thoughts. The dragon’s tone was decidedly amused. You can deal with malicious attacks, but a flirtatious tease blows right by you.
~ Copyright AJ Culpepper 2017

Image courtesy of hdwallpapers.com – Artist unknown 😦





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