Hey, guys! As proof that I am still hard at work on my present novel, “Ice Phoenix”, I thought I’d share an excerpt. Please, enjoy 🙂


“But why are you here? You’re the begleiter to Major General Syro.”

“Take a look at the high table.”

Ayyn’s gaze moved past R’Shyl. The Imperial Princess, Okaryn, and the chancellor were all sitting as they had been with the addition of Rysyn now sitting to her highness’ right between her and his fellow major general and the Imperial Commander on her left between her and L’Sar. Her cheek resting on her hand as she spoke with the major generals, her posture purposely put her back to the chancellor. When she turned to her father, she spoke to him without acknowledging the woman beyond him.

All of which made it perfectly clear to anyone paying attention that Chancellor Aylrysha L’Sar held very little if any of the Imperial Princess’ favor.

“So you’re seated here because Major General Syro enjoys Her Highness’ favor.”

“It isn’t so bad. By extension, I enjoy her favor as well. Just like you.”

“Me? But I’m just a cadet.”

“You’re still Major General Kree’s begleiter and he’s sitting at Her Highness’ right hand.” R’Shyl chuckled darkly and glibly waved a hand. “Must be eating L’Sar alive.”


~ Excerpt from “Ice Phoenix”, copyright AJ Culpepper 2017
Scene from “The Banquet” 2016 courtesy of tmdb.org




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