The Black Dragon

In China, the Black Dragon (Hēilóng), also called “Dark Dragon” or “Mysterious Dragon” (Xuánlóng), is the Dragon God of the north and the essence of winter. His proper names are Ao Shun or Ao Ming, and his body of water is Lake Baikal.

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Dragon Empress

Imperial Princess Jaywyn Ro ~ Future Empress of Draycy is one of the leading characters in “Ice Phoenix”. She has a history with the Ice Phoenix and a shared future with him that neither planned. They must work together to save the Empire, the Peoples of the Outland Continent, and even the humans of the Kingdom that seeks to annihilate them all.



The White Dragon

White dragons can be split into two symbolic groups: lunar-white and solar-white.

Solar-white dragons are imbued with the power the sun, a symbol of holiness and purity. A solar-white dragon is associated with a sun god or a powerful god of creation.

A lunar-white dragon symbolizes death and rebirth. It embodies a dangerous and ferocious supernatural power, likely associated with a moon god or a mother goddess.

In China, a white dragon is an omen of death, a warning. White dragons are associated with the direction south.

Dragons of Fame: Pai Lung, O Goncho


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