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Tome Series

 Zikhin – Book One

When Riya Mayur, princess of the Paanthan province Zikhin, was married to Amias Teagan, ruler of the human kingdom of Acacia, at the age of fifteen, she believed she was doing her duty to her family and her people. Though life swiftly became a nightmare, it was one she was determined to endure. In a world fraught with danger, it comes as no surprise when her brother is killed in battle the day of her wedding. But when her parents are murdered by her childhood friend and she’s forced to return home as Crown Princess of Zikhin. Faced with the prospect of crowning her husband king she finds her world turned upside down and she comes to realize just how far Amias’ machinations reach. Machinations involving a human bandit, a shape-shifting Nordfirar fight slave, a Shamiran wizard seeking to prove himself and a Nordfirar prisoner known only as the Fox Maiden. Machinations that will force Riya to change, to make alliances and dangerous bargains in an effort to save her people and preserve her sovereignty. But Amias’ eye is on a much larger prize.

 Sea of Sands – Book Two

The darkness descended suddenly. There was no warning, no sense of foreboding, no scent of foul tidings on the wind. It was just suddenly there. The Temple of Apep, the desert God of All Evil, had been abandoned for a thousand years but when the shadow of malevolence began to spread across the sands, it was in all directions from the forsaken shrine.

Amias Teagan, a being of exceptional power, cruelty and self-righteous evil, is in possession of one of the most powerful artifacts in the history of the world – the Tome of the First Gate. Permanently translated in the Common Tongue, it is ready to be used to open the First Gate of the Abyss – the Gate to Abaddon. Amias has every intention of doing so and unleashing the daemon Destruction upon the world of Kore` and all the Material Realm.

The only people who know of his plan and are willing to go to any lengths to stop him, have no idea where he is.

The only man who knows where he is, has no chance of stopping him.

The race is on.
The clock is ticking.
And the fate of the entire world hangs in the balance.

Product DetailsRahasya – Book 3

The tsentr, Amias Teagan, has performed three of the seven sacrifices in his quest to open the First Gate of the Abyss, the Gate to Abaddon, to the Material Realm. In return he has gained the power of the three Vices he sacrificed to – Gluttony, Lust, and Sloth. As a result, three of the Seven Signs have come to pass bringing mass death and great suffering to the world. Having lost his army, he now seeks new slaves to his will to complete his quest.

Riya and Scorpio have lost friends, loved ones, and now the bond between them. The Material Realm is breaking and new allies find themselves drawn into the schemes of others, inextricably entwined with the fates of those seeking to save the world and the man seeking to destroy it. Neala, the young star-blessed tsentr, races to master her powers and the art of navigating the treacherous waters of Tien society even as a new enemy shows her face. A Yoake Junin priestess, driven by guilt, seeks redemption and a Paanthan monk, haunted by the seeds of the world’s corrosion, seeks vengeance.


ForeverGreen Novels

The Seers’ War Part one – the Weaving of the Web

Arswyd, the White Realm, has a long history steeped in blood and warfare across the ForeverGreen. For thousands of years the Rheyfelwr kingdom has been at odds with its sister realms, the Golden Kingdom of the Tylwyth Teg and the UnderEarth cities of the serpentine Ejo Eniyan. But when they turned to genocide and in a great purge called The Annihilation tried to eradicate the Ejo Eniyan, the Gods could no longer stand idle in the bloodshed.

The Rheyfelwr of Arswyd were cursed with a life-draining essence in their skin, that they would never know the touch of another living thing skin-to-skin except during the rare Black Moon. As punishment for the lack of respect and compassion they showed toward other living things, to touch another living thing is to know the agony of feeling the curse drain life.  From birth until they are no longer able to withstand their own life-drain, they know only isolation.

Arswyd herself was cursed with the Neidr Brenin, a monstrous snake that only the Royal Seer of the realm is capable of keeping at bay. To ensure the people of Arswyd would what it was like to live in constant fear and the threat of a horrible death, the Gods determined the Neidr Brenin would come in the Royal Seer’s absence and if the successor was not found in time, the kingdom would finally be destroyed.

Lord Brynmor Haul, the Royal Seer of Arswyd, has died and while the people of Arswyd anxiously await his successor, the Neidr Brenin is coming…

But there’s another evil lurking in the shadows. Something insidious with an agenda of its own that seeks to bathe all of the ForeverGreen in blood.

Pt2 The Seers’ War Part Two – The Spider and the Fly

The Royal Seers of the four kingdoms of the Rheyfelwr have seen the future and war spreads across the ForeverGreen. Each has his and her own agenda for the defence and protection of their realms, but it remains to be seen how they fit in with the unseen hand pulling the strings of politics and age-old wounds.

The Silver Realm of Lleuad sails north to invade Arswyd from the bay, Manawyddan’s Eye.

Diemwnt, the Black Realm seeks to conquer Arswyd through the pass, Derwydds’ Fate.

The Red Realm of Gwaed moves in secret, eastward through Tir Aur into Arswyd’s northern plain.

In the middle of it all, Arswyd sits surrounded by enemies of its own making on all sides. But the master player wielding the realms against each other to his own ends also manipulates from within. Traitors move to secure their own goals while entire races find their very natures influenced by outside forces. All of them driven toward Arswyd’s destruction.

Arswyd, the White Realm, with its a long history steeped in blood and warfare across the ForeverGreen.

Arswyd, who for thousands of years has been at odds with its sister realms and the other peoples of the ForeverGreen.

Arswyd, who sought to annihilate the Ejo Eniyan and found themselves cursed by the Gods for their crimes against life.

Arswyd, who stands without defence or protection, its Royal Seer trapped in the enchanted sleep of the Winter’s Heart Curse.

Debts are about to be repaid. Plots are about to unfold.

A holocaust is coming…