Happy Litha!



*toot, toot*

Not to toot my own horn, but *toot, toot*. I actually finished a really difficult quartet of chapters and not only did I complete all of them, they actually turned out pretty well, if I do say so, myself. I deserve a cookie.



Advice from a Cheshire Cat

Oddly enough, this is not only very good advice for life in general but also for approaching the writing process. At last for me.
Just keep writing, you’re sure to get somewhere 🙂


Plot Points!

Don’t put them off! They WILL catch up with you!
And yet I continue to put them off again, and again, and again until I have no choice but to face them.

“Oh, shit! You got here quick!”



Níðhöggr is a monster that features prominently in “Ice Phoenix”.

In the real world…
In Norse mythology, Níðhöggr (Malice Striker, traditionally also spelled Níðhǫggr, often anglicized Nidhogg) is a dragon/serpent who gnaws at a root of the world tree, Yggdrasil. In historical Viking society, níð was a term for a social stigma implying the loss of honor and the status of a villain. Thus, its name might refer to its role as a horrific monster or in its action of chewing the corpses of the inhabitants of Náströnd: those guilty of murder, adultery, and oath-breaking, which Norse society considered among the worst possible crimes.


Information courtesy of Wikipedia.com
Image courtesy of :
Nidhogg – Broken Mirrors